Things You Say at Philly zine fest
What is this place?

Things You Say, started in March of 2009, is a zine distro based in Keyport, NJ. I started it because I love sharing zines with people and communicating with other zinesters. I also have a passion for designing websites and being super diligent and organized. What better way to put these interests together than starting a zine distro, right?

Things You Say carries a variety of thought-provoking and well-written zines, all of which you can order on this website. I also table at zine fests (Boston, NJ, DC, and Philly) when I get the chance.

What is a zine? What is a distro?

A zine (pronounced like zeen) is a self-published piece of writing that is usually copied on a photocopier and stapled together like a book or magazine. People write about a myriad of topics, including politics, personal stories, music, and do-it-yourself guides. The print run is usually very small, and the zinester (person who made the zine) usually charges a minimal amount for a copy of their zine. A distro, short for distribution, is a place that distributes/sells a bunch of zines by different people. Most distros are online, but some can be found offline. Also, there are events called zine fests where people go to meet other zinesters, trade their zines, sell their zines, and maybe attend a workshop or two. You can usually find a lot of distros at these events.

Who runs Things You Say?

Hi! I'm Erin, and I run TYS. I'm a 30-year-old zinester, web designer, and avid reader. I also write and watch various TV shows in my spare time and have a love of antique photography, squirrels, Cuban food, Mariah Carey, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. I make the zine Driving Blind, which you can find in the catalog (if it's in stock) - I write about my disability, living in a small town, and getting my first job. While I do the majority of the distro work myself, I couldn't keep this place open without my mom and nurse, who help me fill orders and make post office runs.

What types of zines do you carry?

I carry mostly personal and/or political zines, but I'm also open to comics, photography zines, DIY/how-to zines, comp zines, and literature zines. I like anything that is well-written with a nice, easy-to-read layout.

How do I get my zine in your catalog?

Please visit the submit page for all of the details.

What do you do with the zines you don't carry?

I put all of the non-distroed zines in grab bags or with distro orders. Even if I decide not to carry your zine, it will always go to a good home.

Do you have a paper catalog?

Not at this time.

How do I order from your catalog?

It's easy! If you want to order with PayPal or credit card, just add the zines you want to your cart by clicking on "add to cart". When you're done, click "check out" on the cart page, and fill out all of your information - and send your order. We also accept cash, personal checks, and distro credit. For detailed instructions, please go to the ordering page.

Do you accept non-US funds?

If you order via PayPal, you can order from most countries - take a look here to see if your country is supported by PayPal - please note that exchange rates apply when ordering: PayPal Worldwide. However, we only accept the US dollar if you are ordering with cash.

How much is postage?

Postage is included in the zine price.

Is this website secure?

Absolutely. All online ordering takes place through PayPal, which is used by millions of people around the world. You can read about the security of their site by clicking here: PayPal Security. As far as your personal information, Things You Say will never sell your information to any third-party companies or share your address (e-mail and snail mail), name, or order details with anyone.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Five to ten days. Please note that I only ship orders once a week.

What if there's a problem with my order?

If you have any problems, please go to the contact page and e-mail me - I will respond within 48 hours. If you don't have access to e-mail, you can write to me as well.

Do you ship overseas?

I ship anywhere in the world. Please make sure you choose the international price in the catalog when ordering outside the United States.

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